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Work from home as an independent contractor

Welcome to Opticom Communication Services, LLC.

Opticom Communication Services is a Customer Service Staffing Agency. We partner with multiple businesses to provide their customers with exceptional service.

All positions  for Independent Contractors are 100% remote.

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Working from Home
Call Center Headset
Hotline Consultant

Why Opticom?

We provide you with the opportunity to choose a job that works best with your lifestyle and schedule!

You are your own boss!

Working Remotely

Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. 

There are 2 steps to this process that are listed below.  FIRST, you should apply (complete the online form) and THEN, you should register (use the link and IB ID 649725 to register at  

We will always strive to attain the highest level of commitment!

Opticom Communication Services offers:

  • The opportunity to determine your own work schedule that is convenient for you and best fits your lifestyle

  • Hourly pay rate

  • Opticom Communication Services is not commission based

  • All training is 100% virtual

  • Opticom Communication Services does not take taxes from your paycheck

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